Choose The Best Appliance Repair Company

When appliances like a refrigerator or stove stop working, it’s time to bring in a professional. You probably don’t want to dish out the cash to pay a top-notch professional, but if you want your appliances to work properly, it’s the smart thing to do. Get your money’s worth, and hire a reputable appliance repair company. Thus, to choose the best one, consider the following things before finalizing your decision.

1.Timeliness and Great Communication

Most homeowners work five days a week, which means their time is very valuable. No one wants to waste hours waiting for a technician to arrive during the weekdays, and this is especially an inconvenience on the weekends. Considering most appliances are easy to repair in less in 60 minutes, choose an appliance repair company that respects your time boundaries, and knows how to make timely repairs. This means looking for a company that is always on time and communicates if something goes wrong with a scheduled timeline. If a technician is going to be late, you should get a call from the company saying so. This gives you enough time to schedule and adjust if something changes and negatively affects your time.

2. Ensure the Company is an Authorized Service Provider

Most appliance companies only allow certain service providers to work on their products. Make sure the repair company you hire is one of those companies. Even if the warranty has expired, a licensed company can service a product if the manufacturer allows it. Also, this is a smart choice because an approved company is experienced and knows how to handle the repair correctly. Never hire inexperienced or unskilled labor because this can lead to costly mistakes that may require purchasing a whole new appliance.

3. Make Sure the Company Services Numerous Stocked Brands

Do your research when looking for an appliance repair company. Visit them and see what is currently sitting on the shelves. The best companies have different types of things, which is an indicator that they have whatever you need. Different brands have numerous parts, and you want to see evidence that your company of choice is familiar with many different brands and parts. You want a company that can perform repairs on the first day and not back order parts.

4. Ensure the Company has a Decent Number of Trained Pros

If a company has a large team of technicians, chances are it is more reliable. This means the company is up to the task because it has enough technicians to handle the number of repair calls it receives. Quite naturally, you can’t expect each technician to be knowledgeable about all repairs. However, the more technicians a company has, the quicker the response time it can offer. Save time by hiring a company with a larger repair team. You shouldn’t have to waste precious time waiting for a technician to show up for a repair job.

5. Choose a Local Company

It’s better to schedule appointments with companies located in your area. They are familiar with your area and know specific routes to save time and provide faster response times. When a company doesn’t spend as much on transportation, this means less money they have to pass on to you to recoup its costs. In addition, when you opt for a local company, chances are someone in your area is familiar with it and can provide either a good or bad review. This helps to narrow down your choices and pick the best appliance repair company.

6. Ask for a Quote

Choose a professional to repair broken appliances but ask for a quote first. This makes it easier to budget. Experienced appliance repair companies know how to handle common repairs and can provide quick quotes on appliances they frequently service. Keep in mind; it is better to repair an appliance now instead of waiting for it to get worse. This saves money in the long run.

7. Do It Yourself Repair Jobs

If you are a do it yourselfer, chances are you could probably replace the rubber ring on your sink by yourself. But a reputable appliance repair company can still give you advice about the best parts to purchase. Ask the company to recommend a replacement part. Not only can you avoid labor costs, but also save money on parts as well.

8. Heed the Warranties

Once again, if you are a do it yourselfer, you probably understand how to do many home repairs. However, let the professionals handle the more difficult and larger ones. Also, make sure the warranties are valid before starting any repairs. Understand, it is best to allow a professional to repair appliances that are no longer under warranty because this saves money. But on the other hand, if an appliance is under warranty, the manufacturer pays the repair cost. Thus, heed all warranties before hiring an appliance repair company.

9. Response Times

Depending on the repair, a reputable appliance repair company should respond very quickly once you call. You can probably wait a few hours if your garbage disposal breaks, but this is not the case with your refrigerator. If the company fails to respond on time, you’ll end up throwing out plenty of spoiled food, which is unacceptable. Call the company and ask for anticipated arrival time. If the company fails to respond or gives you an unacceptable time commitment, then move on to the next company. Your goal is to find an appliance repair company that will fix your appliances for an affordable price in a timely manner.

10. Determine the Problem

Before calling an appliance repair company to fix an appliance, try to determine the problem first. Do you know why it stopped working? It may be something as simple as a tripped safety circuit breaker. Check the manufacturer’s manual. Ensure you’re operating the appliance properly. You might be able to fix the appliance on your own without the help of a repair technician. Not only will this save you time and money but allow you to get on with life as normal.

About us

As the youngest of 5 children born to hard-working parents in Iowa, Dew started working at the age of 8.  He has since been a hard-working and honest guy, determined to get the job done reasonably and right!  After spending 6 years as a Weapons Specialist in the Iowa National Guard, he became co-owner of a local appliance sales-and-service business in the mid ‘90’s and really enjoyed what he was doing until losing his lease on the store he helped run.  Since then, Dew has worked for a couple different companies while raising a family of 3 (including a 1st grandchild!) with his wife, Nicole.  Dew spends some of his free time as a Scoutmaster of one of the local Boy Scout Troops in Council Bluffs.  As an Eagle Scout himself, he has helped his sons through scouting over the years and proudly acknowledged the oldest son becoming an Eagle Scout in 2012!  The youngest son is on track to become Eagle in the next year!  Our daughter, the oldest of the kids, was in Girl Scouts and Venturing then became a Marine – HOORAH!  You could say scouting runs in the family!

Over the years Dew has come to realize customers are happiest when they can get appliance repair service at an economical cost.  He saw over the years that the companies he worked for overcharged customers …all to cover huge advertising expenses….some in excess of $80,000 per year!  As a result, the customer is paying two to three times the rate a service call actually should cost.  We all know what we could do with that extra moolah!

He also realized that customers needed the dependability of having their appliances up and running in a jiffy without unnecessary or repeated appointments!  A lot of companies promise trained technicians but, surprisingly, there are some out there with little to no training!  This can also prove to cost the customer more if the tech doesn’t repair something correctly (which can cause more repairs and expenses, or worse yet – damage to their home), not to mention the aggravation of not having that particular appliance to use for who knows how long!

Dew’s goal in life and work has always been the same – answer all the questions and if the answer isn’t readily available, find it.  He also believes in helping a customer understand how to maintain their appliance(s) so they can save money by not having to rely on a service technician for basic issues…sometimes he can walk you through a minor problem on the phone!

His sole approach to starting this business is keeping the customer in mind.  Without you, there would not be a need for him and his expertise.  His aim is quality work at a reasonable rate while at the same time using word of mouth and free-to-minimal cost advertising as a way to keep his customers from “paying for it”.  He saw a need to provide appliance service that was affordable and dependable…from that vision Dew’s Appliance Service, LLC was created along with the motto Dependable*Economical*With-a*Smile!!

With over 23 years of experience in the appliance repair field, there isn’t much Dew hasn’t seen, so you can feel confident he’s your man to get the job done – affordably and dependably!

We are based in Council Bluffs, IA, but our service area includes:

  • IOWA – Council Bluffs, Crescent, Glenwood, Pacific Junction
  • NEBRASKA – Bellevue, Bennington, Gretna, LaVista, Omaha, Papillion, Ralston, Elkhorn